Why You Should Opt For a Virtual Data Center (VDC) Instead of a Virtual Server

What is Virtual Data Center.A Virtual Data center (VDC) is a pool of cloud resources (virtual CPUs, RAM, HDD, networks) that enables you  replace the need to operate your own datacenter. In other terms, one of the benefits of virtual data center is that you don’t have to buy and house your servers.Instead of housing the servers, you have access to virtual servers which allows you access to all business applications you need.Virtual servers affords flexibility and scalability as needed. In simpler terms, you have as many virtual servers you need without having to buy, house, or provision a physical machine. In this environment,you can create virtual machines, containers (vApps), networks. You can increase its capacity when needed by adding new resources (CPUs, RAM, drives, IP-addresses) A vDC contains public and private catalogues of VM templates so you can build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running in your other environments. Central to the vDC are vApp’s

A virtual server on the other hand is a separate virtual machine with an operating system that was preinstalled. Virtual servers however are not connected to each other through local network.The operating system for virtual server also depends on a lot of factors.Although, virtual server has its benefits, benefits of virtual data center far outweighs that of a virtual server.

Going for Virtual Data Center instead of virtual server has lots of advantages. Benefits of virtual data center include;

Timely provision of IT resources for a company growing rapidly
A start up company or a developing company cannot predict in advance the resources that will be required but there’s no need to worry because with VDC, there are more resource compared to virtual server.
Most times, it turns out that demand significantly exceeds the cautious expectations of business owners. The existing IT infrastructure is unable to take on more load, instead of a costly and resource intensive upgrade, VDC can always be used from the inception.

Cost Effectiveness
Virtual data center can be cost effective in the long run. Instead of constantly upgrading your virtual server plans, there are enough resources on VDC that can be used for a long time.

The table below better explain features of a virtual data center and a virtual server

Features Virtual data center Virtual server
SSH, RDP access
Expand disk space without changing tariff or price
Access to virtual machine through web console
Install your own operating system
Create your own templates for virtual machine
Import/export virtual machine templates, ISO-images
Creation of local network
Load Balancer
Request additional IPs
Increase Internet speed up to 1 GB/s

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